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Finding the perfect fit

Choosing a franchise for a business may appear to be a complex decision. As an investor you want to feel comfortable about the business and have confidence that the choice will help you reach your goal.

At Sportyze, we follow a similar decision process; being comfortable with our Franchise owners and confident that they can deliver our brand promises. 

We spend a considerable amount of time choosing the right franchise owners into the folds of our growing family. We don’t simply sell franchises; we make business partners. Our business partners are carefully chosen basis their commitment and passion. 

Once the franchise territory is awarded, we work along to make franchise business owners successful.  Our ready to deploy designs, tools, training, support, and accelerates the business set up and running process.


Becoming a Sportyze franchisee allows you to:

Why us

The vast age group that the Kids Gym caters i.e. 18 months to 15 years, creates an opportunity for returning patrons. The younger the child experiences fitness and its benefits the higher is the comeback ratio.  Hence the franchise partners stand to drive higher LTV and hence the better unit economics.

Over the years Sportyze has developed its progressive milestone based curriculum with definite outcomes. This is done to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and provide competitive edge to our franchise owners, and our customers.

The kids gym operates on an affordable subscription based model and can be opted for monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly payment plans. Predictable, recurring revenue and allows your support staff to focus on member retention and new member acquisition. Great member service keeps families coming back.

Gymnastics equipment, mats, soft gym mattress and other play accessories require one-time investment and is part of initial set-up costs. There could be minimal wear and tear costs in 36 – 40 months.

Your cash isn’t tied up in inventory. We do sell some souvenirs and other branded items, but the bulk of your revenue comes from memberships and events like birthdays. Your staff won’t need to handle receivables or worry with collections. Your members pre-pay for everything.

As per CRISIL report the after school market is of the $5 billion and is growing at an annual rate of 26%. With little presence of organized player in the post school domain and lack of safe avenues for children to unwind in the evening, kids gym offers a professionally managed and safe option to parents.

Most of the staff in gym is part time, as an employer you would have a minimum costs towards the labour compliance and adherence. Your location can open with a full-time owner/operator and 4-5 part-timers, making staffing expenses less than other businesses

With one-time startup costs, the centre starts generating revenue form the first month itself. There are no expenses to be borne monthly for enhancement of gym. A monthly maintenance costs will be towards upkeep of the premises safe and clean.

Once you have our franchise, you will be delighted to discover variety of programs sprinkled through out the year. There programs are over and above the regular preschool/gym business. And help you reach out to wider audience.

Sportyze Support

From experienced real estate consultants to comprehensive training of the coaches, Sportyze provides a you a ready reckoner at each stage. This saves you from reinventing the wheel in terms of location, database management and customer engagements and marketing.  Kids Fitness ingrained with Sport Tech assessments and customized App infra gives you an added advantage in customer retention. These tool-kit will allow you to focus on what matters—YOUR customers.

  • Sourcing right talent remains one of the most challenging tasks for all the organizations. Our existing hiring process is well laid and smoothens your hiring process.   
  • Standardized job descriptions, interviewing cues, and information on how to conduct background checks will make the entire process methodic and clear. All the job posting will appear in dedicated careers page on the website and social media handles.. Through our templates on work contracts and terms for engagements you will be able to have favorable terms with your employees hence creating a happy place of work.
  • Our HR resources don’t stop there—we also provide our franchisees additional forms/toolkits and best practices to retain talent. While the business is yours but we are assisting you to manage it although.

Our customized app and customer relationship management system provides the ability to track all of the day to day operations and integrates with your webpage so that customers can easily make purchases through their desktop or mobile device. This tool also facilitates the generation of critical business reports and key metrics providing you the insights and areas to grow your business.

Steps to ownership

Request More Information

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Know Each Other

Becoming part of a franchise opportunity is a major commitment for both you and us. As franchise business partner, you are one of the most important elements of success in our business. Once we receive your application and the basic requirements are met, the next comes as delivery of our 

Franchise Disclosure Process (FDP). Our FDP contains a round of meetings where we present summary of our financial performance as well as in-depth information about our processes and operations. This step is designed to help you make the right decision in owning this business. 

During this process we will email an application for you to complete.


Once you’ve completed our application, you’ll have a call with our Director of Franchise Development. We will provide you with access to a sample Financial Projection worksheet and target demographic information.

Discovery Day

Join us for a day at our HQ centre, for an overview of the company and a chance to meet the Team. Both of us will have the opportunity to ask more detailed questions.


Within a few days of your visit, we’ll notify you of our decision to award the franchise.


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