Posture pandemic

With our children spending a lot more time hunched over their screens, the risk of developing problems with spine now and in the future can be substantially increased.

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Developing handwriting and its positive impact

Handwriting skills are critical to your child’s success. “Research has shown that work done by hand increases as students progress in the school, so children need to be taught writing to be successful in school.”  Handwriting skills indicate two aspects: Neatness and legibility of letters How the handwriting is performed; how is the pencil held? is there a pain? Other studies have proven that solid handwriting skills affect students’ self-esteem, which can affect their academic performance, create more fluid writers

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Fussy eaters

Children often refuse to try new foods. Especially, pre-schoolers can be fussy with their food choices. Providing healthy food options becomes quite a challenge for a young mom.

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Curating a creative childhood

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do” ~ Walt Disney If we are to imagine ; who could have a good time amidst this lock down – Children would definitely be the obvious answer.  Isn’t it a best time for them?! They are with family members and in the safe confines of home! Well,  sadly it’s NOT the case. If reports are to believe, children are still spending their majority time with ipads/smart phones! Earlier parents

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Why mantra chanting is relevant for our children?

Research shows that 30% of girls and 20% of boys aged 12 to 17 have suffered from an anxiety disorder. Millions of children suffer from stress completely being unaware. It’s not always easy for parents to recognize if their kids have stress, but few behavioural changes — such as mood swings, aggression, changes in sleep patterns, or bedwetting — can be indications. Our ancient wisdom may hold an effective key to proactively deal with this stress. Many parents are resorting

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